Founded in 1972, Red Wood Ent. Co., Ltd. is a specialist manufacturer of seat belts,ratchet tie-downs, tow ropes and straps, sling belts, grass cutting belts and all kinds of woven belts and metal parts.

The customer service is based on the principle of “providing the finest quality to ensure customer’s satisfaction” and new products have been continually developed to meet changing market demands.

A new product line of performance air filter series and carbon panel for various cars was born in 2007. These products have been designed and produced by the strict quality control in Taiwan. Based on this, these performance products are excellent products which indicate outstanding durability, incredibly easy clean, filtration efficiency, etc. Customers’ unique requirements will be satisfied by the support form production and testing

Redwood’ products are exported to all parts of the world, including Europe, the Americas,Southeast Asia and more. At present, the factory space is approximately 10,000 square meters, with about 120 employees in Taiwan and 21,000 square meters with about 500 employees in China to provide quick product delivery.

Customers are welcome to submit their preferred products for joint development.
Regarding safety, homologation, or any other belting and metal problems, Redwood will be eager to assist in finding solutions.

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